Children's Day Celebrations at HAAEC

Posted 5/15/2016

Happy Children's Day to all the students, Teachers, and Parents of the school. School began with a special welcome by the student association of the school. All students were invited to attend classes in coloured dresses. Special programs were organized during the last periods for the classes. Senior students carried out variety of programs and it was a memorable event. 

A very special Evening were held on 14th May 2016 at Dhidhdhoo Stage (south) near jetty. Stalls and events from government, and non Government origanizations were carried out during the evening. Over 1000 people attended the even and it was ajoyous celebration.

Stalls are conducted by the following institutions and NGOs;

* FENAKA Corporation Dhidhdhoo Power House

* Bank Of Maldives Dhidhdhoo Branch

* Dhidhdhoo Megistrate Court

* Ha Alif Atoll Hospital

* Dhidhdhoo Police Station

* Family Children Service Centre/ Women Development Committee

* Dhidhdhoo Liken Boyz

In addition to that several other activities are also conducted by NGOs;

* Local Boduberu by Dhidhdhoo Teenage Boys Sports Club

* Specially designed Charactors by Dhidhdhoo Liken Boyz

* Special Children's dance by GMPS Parents.

The whole event was financially supported by the School PTA, Retailers, Island Council, and Well Wishers from the Public.